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Our Client Case Studies

Healthcare organizations and entrepreneurs choose us to help build their telemedicine platforms for our sheer unmatched experience and expertise in this space of close to a decade.

United Medical Group

The telemedicine platform was built to help UMG expand their presence across the country via physician contractors that would be a part of the platform.

  • Live video consultation.
  • Integration with Surescripts to facilitate ePrescriptions.
  • Use of PQRST pain assessment method.
  • Doctors can take SOAP notes during video session and fetch patient’s medical history via the integration of EHR/EMRs.
  • Creating profile for minors and family members and booking appointment for them.


We conducted a detailed analysis of the user flow, studied their analytics and interviewed their customers. This helped re-engineer their entire user flow and user experience, with many value-added features and functionalities that were developed.

  • Overhaul of the user experience for the entire platform
  • Video session functionality
    Easy to follow session booking workflow
  • Overly simplified therapist finding functionality
  • Transitioned from MS Azure hosting server to AWS server


With a view to develop patient-centric application, TeleMedHome is built with a clutterfree design and highly intuitive interface to help users focus on keeping track of their health with timely reminders, and remotely monitor high risk patients with chronic diseases.

  • Timely reminders of appointments, daily medications and tasks
  • Easy 2-way communication between patient and providers
  • Secure HIPAA compliant text/image/video exchange
  • Track progress of patient care plan by all the involved user types
  • Instant video calling with users not present on the application


Preference cards are either hand-written notecards or elaborate, multi-page lists containing supplies and tools necessary for a particular surgery—even for the most complex procedures. We created a modern, drag-and-drop environment that’s easy to use and self-explanatory. The app was also awarded a design patent.

  • GDPR & HIPAA Compliant Database Backups and Integrity Checks archived for up to 6 years.
  • Security-hardened Ubuntu Servers. AWS GuardDuty and AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange.
  • Docker container support, secured and optimized for HIPAA workloads.
  • Encryption of network traffic between nodes.
  • Redundant, 24/7 monitoring of uptime and resource availability.

Novo Nordisk

After several brainstorming sessions and whiteboard discussions about understanding of MR visit cycles, the product portfolio of Novo Nordisk and the challenges faced by the diabetes drug industry, we formulated a strategy to streamline the physician-MR interaction.

  • Enhanced and interactive product presentations.
  • Real-time drug development and research updates.
  • Data and analytics on physician engagement with Novo Nordisk’s products.
  • One-tap sharing of information with physicians.


The website was rebuilt, making it a streamlined physician dispensing software that is simple to use and highly efficient.

  • Dispensed prescription email tracking Using OCR to prefill document
  • Adding Wacom connection for doctor signature
  • Integration with surescript for electronic prescription
  • Built a Tablet app for auto insurance check-up and prescription

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